Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trip to Rabi to deliver wheelchairs

Searching for the correct chair for our first stop

Next stop - another chair

Third stop - another chair

4th stop - last 2 chairs.  Brother Valu is our mule.

One of the missionaries taking a turn as the mule

1st recipient

Between stops

Another recipient

Another recipient - note his bed on left

Everyone wants to 'see'

Another recipient

The last one for this trip

General Conference at the Savusavu Branch and Misc Pics

Watching April 2014 General Conference

Kids on floor coloring during conference

Brother Gade and Sister Howard between sessions

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The Triplets
One of our neighbors with his cows

Don't sleep on the road

Everyone uses umbrellas to get out of the sun

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The girls' visit and other randm photos

Flooding at church entrance.

Tank ready to go!

Taveuni kids!

Truck parts from broken down truck in road!

Melted piston from truck.

Buying pineapple at Saivou

Kids, copra, caneknife all part of load.

This is a favorite toy that kids have made.

Policemen helping with cleanup in Suva.

Men don't ever hesitate to wear a flower, even for cleanup.

More single adults at cleanup.

Alot accomplished and everyone had fun!

Maybe too much fun!

Lunch time

Group picture

Tank just unloaded for Rabi.

Getting the tank to the boat.

Everyone helped!

Low tide so the boat can't come any closer.

Almost in place!

Ready for 2nd leg to Rabi

Isabella running off plane with bloody nose.

Glad to be here finally!

All of us at Saivou checking out their tank.

Swinging at the beach in Savusavu.

Girls and S Howard with Jesse at church!

Ferry ride to Taveuni

Dinner at the motel in Taveuni.

All ready to kayak on Christmas Day.  2013

Gabby and Cathryn

Cathryn and Isabella.

International date line.

Slide at Taveuni

Bella just came down!

Further downstream, doing wash.

And bathing

Everyone is clean!

Girls ready to go diving!

Tank at Taveuni.

Ferry ride back home.

Kids getting beans from S Howard

Flowers at Savusavu School.