Monday, October 28, 2013

Flowers at our flat and sewing at Saivou Oct 2013

I noticed this flower growing in the corner of our yard. 

This is a Hibiscus in front of our bedroom. National flower of Fiji.

Another hibiscus out my kitchen window.

A double hibiscus by the clothesline in back.
I just bought these 3 pineapples for $5.00 at Saivou. Delicious!!
We went back to Saivou to watch them sew. Using a new, handcrank machine.
They crank with their right hand and feed the material thru with left hand.

They sit on the floor with the machine. They always are very
gracious to get me a chair. The oldest sister there was 80 yrs
and the youngest was 27.

This sister in pink was the teacher. She has an old machine!

Marking where the button holes will be handsewn. The machines
do only straight stitching. 
One of the many common sites in our travels! 2 bags of copra,
caneknife, son and no bridle or saddle on horse.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vunivesi, gardens and 3 more bases built! YaHoo!! Oct 2013

S Howard is trying to eat with the sisters of Vunivesi and kids.
Bro Peni's wife, Melania is on the left talking with me.

A wonderful garden in Vunivesi with compost in the back!

More of the garden. Cucumbers!

Ralph and I got a kick out of this sign at the hospital! Where's the E's?

These ladies walked thru the pouring rain to have their picture
taken at the base they built. They're proud!! Naceryaga

This beautiful leave thing grows at our flat.

My volunteer tomato.

The neighbors orchid, our flat in the background.

Base built at Vacunimata.

Base at Seaqaqa School. All these bases finally got done after we
delivered supplies to help with the construction!