Monday, April 22, 2013

Our office in Suva. We are moving soon and will be working our of our flat. These pictures are what we have been seeing every day for the past 3 months.

The back of our office in Suva.

The front door the Employment Resouce Center.

Fiji Institute of Accountants (across the parking lot)

The front of the first chapel built in Fiji.

Ralph working in the office.

A young friend selling brooms. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Travels with E/S Colson to 7 of our clean water project sites on Vanua Levu and Viti Levu

S Howard getting ready to board the plane to Vanua Levu.

Inside the plane.

The view from our balcony at Hot Springs Resort.

Wednesday, Early morning on R's birthday.

Pres. Petero, E/S Colson at Saivou Village.

The priesthood brethren in Saivou.

The women of the village.

Headwoman and grandaughter.

Classroom at Seaqaqa School.

Teacher's lounge.

Another classroom.

Inside teachers lounge.

Classroom of oldest kids, the 6th graders.

Their water supply (bad)

The school has a hostel where the kids stay during the school week because it's too far to go home each day.

Pres. Petero and Village Spokesman in Seaqaqa.

Village women sitting under a Bowery on a woven met.

More women. They wanted to message my feet, they could see the splits and sores on my heels.

Discussing the project.

The village behind the Bowery.

Skinny dog trying to finish up.

Last stop of the day #5. 2 priesthood brethren.

The water is from a spring up the mountain. This is an 'all in one' - dish washer, washing machine, tub and shower.

S Colson taking a photo.

E Howard and S Colson.  L.D.S hymnbooks on table.

I think she wanted me to know she brushes her teeth (probably from a hygiene kit)

Outhouse by red bucket.

Old water tank that was not being used.

E Colson using his thumb to measure the pipe.
Last photo in the 'village of the leaky faucet'.

Thursday am with E Terry in Labasa.

S/E Howard and E Terry. His wife couldn't come because not enough room in truck.

Clear yellow indicates negative for fecal Coliform   Nice blue/green color indicates positive for fecal Coliform.  Fecal Coliform bacteria are a kind of Coliform associated with human or animal waste.  Escherichia Coliform, better known as E. Coli, is the major species in the fecal Coliform group.     

Back on Viti Levu at the entrance to Votualevu School.

Kids love to have their photo taken.

More students.

This school had almost 1000 kids and their govt water is bad.

A lot of these kids look Hindu.

Cool uniforms.

Colsons and E Howard in Headmaster's office.  Notice the clear plastic bottle w/o any decals on his desk.  He was aware of but did not know the proper procedure for solar purification of water.  He thought you could just put it in reflected sunlight.  If you fill a clear plastic bottle with contaminated water and set it in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours on a cloudless day, the UV rays from the sun kill all bacteria and viruses.

Last stop at Yako village.

Kids with their dad in village.

The woman to E Howard's left is the daughter of the spokesman.

I think this boy is her son.

Men in village resting. 
This little girl is suspicious of me.

Testing the well water. This village had the worst water Colsons have ever seen!

All finished taking pictures and water samples at the village well and, oops, what's that over there?
The village toilet!  Less than 4 meters from the well!  Now you know why the water is so contaminated.  The water in the well appeared to be about 1.5 - 2 meters below the surface, which is about the same depth as the toilet holes!  Hygiene lessons anyone? 

Must be lunchtime.

A friend on the bus ride back to Suva.

Inside the bus.

Back at the temple to get our truck.

B.Y.U Defensive Line Coach Steve Kaufusi is here recruiting.