Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sugar Cane and Zone Conference July 30 2013 Labasa VanuaLevu

As we got into the Labasa area, we could see all the huge trucks overloaded with sticks!
Infact, it is the sugar cane. Sometimes on the 2 lane highway, with no shoulder, there would be
2 or 3 old trucks trying to pass each other. They all want to be first in line! 

Some of the trucks waiting to go unload.

More trucks loaded with sugar cane.

Still More trucks!

I told Ralph we could make lots of $, selling these guys sandwiches!

As we drove by a second time, I counted over 34 trucks waiting. Further down
the rode, more trucks lined up. As we came home in the dark, still trucks trying to
get up the hills. It must be 24 hour days!

These are the Walkers from Idaho! having lunch at a private beach.

E/S Howard having lunch too.

Looking the other way down the beach.

All the young elders hiding in the trees!

This is only half of our zone. No Elders from Taveuni or Rotumi.
Elder Terry was celebrating his birthday. What a great group of
missionaries!! They had meetings all morning, then changed & went
to town for internet. Then we went to this beach for a picnic and volleyball!
E/S Howard had met with WAF people in Labasa and worked out the deal for
Nabua. It was fun to be included. No one knows quite what to do with us.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Town and the market July 2013 Savusavu Fiji

This is outside Fiji Meats, looking towards town.

This is the market where I get fresh produce. 

Tevesia from our branch.  I always buy kumquats and limes from her. 

I don't know this lady's name, but I get carrots, cucumbers, and cabbage here.

Don't know her name either, but I get local tomatoes and lettuce here.

Lavenia, our R.S pres sells fish! I don't buy any, too scary!! These takeaway
packs have dalo, fish usually with eyes still open, lemon and hot pepper.

Men preparing dalo to be sold.

More produce and juicy (orange drink)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nabua and Taveuni July 12 2013

This is one of our favorite quotes at the school in Nabua.

8:00 am and the first toothbrushing of the day!

A good demo of soap-on-a-rope!

The master schedule at Nabua. I have found that ALL the schools have the regular toothbrush wash daily and once each year everyone receives new toothbrushes! This is a great idea because lots of homes don't have water. 

E Howard and the man from WAF (Water Authority Fiji) in Nabua School Office.

Ponipate (left) Mrs John & Joeli at the meeting.

E/S Howard and Joeli at the Kava drying table.

Ponipate had the WAF come to this 'office' to get cell phone reception!

Our ferry ride to Taveuni.

The sister missionaries went with us to Taveuni. 

Yes, He is and you can buy cookies and juicy.

A new friend with his daughter going to Taveuni.

E Mcfadden and E Howard checking the height of the water tank coming. (using modern technology)

This sign is obvious!

The ferry back to Vanua Levu.

Boys fishing for lunch! (nice gumboots)

This is the branch Pres Semisi mowing at the chapel in Tacilevu. This good brother stopped us in town and said he saw us go by their chapel on a Sunday afternoon and he wants us to come to church there. We will do this soon. They have no water there and he needs some help with this problem. Communication is difficult. When we saw him in town and asked him to spell his name because we couldn't understand him, he hesitated and then stopped a man walking by and had him write it for us. He then opened his Book of Mormon and showed us his name written. We love this humble brother!

I love the multiple businesses in one room.  Under the billiard table are car and truck tires and along the wall are coolers of fish! 
The small wood storage shed is starting to lean a bit, but not to worry, a stick will keep it from falling over!