Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ferry Ride to our new home in Savusavu! Friday May 17, 2013

Getting our truck loaded into the hull.

Looks like a tight squeeze.

The back corner of our truck.Everything we own is in here and it took us all morning to fit everything in.

Better view of truck.

We went upstairs to see the sites of Suva, from the deck.

Forward from previous picture.

Looking on the other side of ship.

Everyone here to say goodbye.

Early morning and our first look at Vanua Levu.

Crew getting ready to lower the anchors.

This photo was taken the next day, we had left a bag of groceries in the fridge on ship.

All these people are selling 'take-away' (dinner for those going on board)

More food venders.

Those waiting to go to Suva.

The guy with the boots and overalls works on the ship.

Used to be 2 ships for ferry service. The other hit a reef 2 weeks ago.

The ship, side view.

This is the view of the bay from my clothesline.

A house next door.

Back door. Porch and washstand.

The front door by the side of truck.

Looking out to the street.