Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Distric at the MTC

We just finished our first week at the MTC!  Wow, what a week.  We have been taught, trained, role played, critiqued and examined; and we are exhausted   We have nearly froze to death running from building to building in the sub zero temperatures.  It was minus 7 yesterday morning.  The senior missionaries are all wonderful.  They come from all over the US and Canada, and are going all over the US and all over the world.  For most of us, it is our first senior mission but for some it is their second, third and even fourth.  In our group of 102, they range in age from 55 to 79, and they are going to: New York, Wisconsin, California, Florida, Nevada(a cattle ranch!), Arizona, Tennessee, Washington, Georgia, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Kentucky, Oregon, Missouri, Hawaii  Iowa, Cambodia, Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, China, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Baltic, Uruguay, Madagascar, Czechoslovakia, Uganda, Burma, South Africa, Jamaica, Uganda and Fiji!