Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Photos

Our 'Country Welfare Manager', Brother/President Jackson Yee, and Maggie and Foki at the Employment Resource Center.  He's a full time, unpaid volunteer.  He's 69(but looks 50), retired from the Pension Department of the Fiji National Government.  He has been a bishop, is now a 2nd counselor in a stake presidency, is a temple worker and a home teacher.  We work closely with him on all of our projects .  His wife is a full time volunteer at the service center in Samabula, on the temple grounds, near our flat.

Angle Moroni as seen from the entrance of our flat

Our landlords, their daughter, and her children

Maggie(L) and Foki, full time, unpaid, volunteer office managers at the ERC(Employment Resource Center), where our office is currently.  They both have Business Management degrees from BYU Hawaii and Foki has a daughter on a mission in Australia.