Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sugar Cane and Zone Conference July 30 2013 Labasa VanuaLevu

As we got into the Labasa area, we could see all the huge trucks overloaded with sticks!
Infact, it is the sugar cane. Sometimes on the 2 lane highway, with no shoulder, there would be
2 or 3 old trucks trying to pass each other. They all want to be first in line! 

Some of the trucks waiting to go unload.

More trucks loaded with sugar cane.

Still More trucks!

I told Ralph we could make lots of $, selling these guys sandwiches!

As we drove by a second time, I counted over 34 trucks waiting. Further down
the rode, more trucks lined up. As we came home in the dark, still trucks trying to
get up the hills. It must be 24 hour days!

These are the Walkers from Idaho! having lunch at a private beach.

E/S Howard having lunch too.

Looking the other way down the beach.

All the young elders hiding in the trees!

This is only half of our zone. No Elders from Taveuni or Rotumi.
Elder Terry was celebrating his birthday. What a great group of
missionaries!! They had meetings all morning, then changed & went
to town for internet. Then we went to this beach for a picnic and volleyball!
E/S Howard had met with WAF people in Labasa and worked out the deal for
Nabua. It was fun to be included. No one knows quite what to do with us.