Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our visit to Navunisea School to check on the progress of the garden. The young adults help prepare and plant this garden at the school and also handed out hygiene kits to school kids.

The sign at the school entrance.

The school is on a hill in a small village.

Some boys in their classroom.

Girls and boys

Cute kids. They all wanted their picture taken.

The garden area is ready for planting, almost.

When these seedlings are bigger, they will transplant them to the  bigger  area.

Bro Yee, Headmaster of school, E/S Howard.

Headmaster and some kids

I thought the boys were playing marbles, but they were really playing  jacks.

All the school kids. After I took this picture, all the kids filed past to see themselves.

After the school we spotted this beach and stopped here for lunch.

Our first sand(black volcanic) beach in Fiji. Hallelujah!!

Driving down to the beach.