Friday, March 22, 2013

Madilyn's first trip to Nasivikoso

A beautiful beach on the way to the highlands

the missionaries eating their lunch
Their closet and bedroom.  They sleep on the mat.  Their kitchen table is to the right.
the other side of the flat
their kitchen and 'inside' clothes dryer
Ralph, Bro Yee, stake high counselor(far left) and Alifereti's son(far right) in front of the elders flat ( a two room - kitchen and living/dinning/bedroom - efficiency model with No bathroom, No running water, No beds, No electricity, No air conditioning, and No fans - PS: while we were their it was about 32 Celsius/90 Fahrenheit, and 87% humidity which feels like 118 Fahrenheit). Note their 'outside' clothes dryer.
Just finished a bath in the river!