Thursday, August 29, 2013

Young Women, New Shirts and Friends in Savusavu Aug 2013

Sis Walker and Young Women learning how to lead music! We had
 a good turn out. The men were outside making a volleyball court. 
Our Branch Pres. Vatulevu Seniceva at M.H grocery store. We
love this good humble brother. All security just got new shirts! 

New shirts and ties from the 8th ward. Pres vatu on far right!

Our dear Bro Nem. 
Pres Vatu father-in-law

A small village in the interior, Nacereyaga. We went to encourage
them to build their base for a water tank and this was where we found
them on a Monday afternoon. That is a kava bowl in the middle.

We did teach them about clean water.

Keper and his grandfather (74 yrs) who are doing some work
for doctor.

Both are hard workers!! Keper is 13 yrs. I asked him how to spell
his name, since I wasn't sure what he was saying. He said 'E,L,M'
which tells me he can't read or write. Very Common!

This is Teresea's boy, Esala. Spends every day at the market with her.
He is finally starting to warm up to me.