Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rabi Island church and our work onTaveuni

Over by Seaqaqa School, this man was plowing his field, when we
pulled over for a picture, his boys came running!

This is on the island of Taveuni. One of our new tanks has been
delivered and set up!

On the island of Rabi are very few cars! So any transport is
important. Cassy and Gabby could use this for LOTOJA next year!

E Howard is just entering a branch chapel in Rabi. 

Inside the chapel the women were busy braiding these flower leis
for all their visitors. The sister next to me taught me how to braid
my own wrist lei! with lots of laughter.

Pres Lesuma (left), then the 3 members of the branch presidency,
then Elder Wakolo, area seventy.

S Howard and S McFadden with their hair leis.

E Howard with fancy head leis. All inside chapel in Rabi.
These wonderful members had gone to such great efforts. They sang
us and then had prepared lunch, dalo, and fish and cookies!!

Pres Lesuma and E Howard present a wheelchair to a chief in Vuna, Taveuni.