Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A New Life in Savusavu and our visit to Nabua

We were on our way to Jean Michel Cousteau Resort and Ralph wondered if this was their dive boat. Probably not!

This is finally the place...down the end of a bumpy dirt road.  Quite fancy inside. 

This is the view from my kitchen window. The windows need washing, but will be replaced soon.

This is some lava rock in the middle of a field. R took picture.

A sunset from our backyard.

The old water tank at Nasavusavu School close to us.

Donated by the Red cross and Gernany.

The school sign in front.

We finally get to Nabua school, 40km on a dirt and muddy road.

Some of my cute friends!

These hand done signs are everywhere, just as a reminder. The coke bottles are painted in the school colors and help make a fence.
This is Ralph's favorite!

The chickens live under the school.

All thoughful sayings.

Assistant head teacher  Waisea Busa

These are the water tanks at our chapel. 2 of 3 leak.

A beautiful sunset from our back porch.


We stopped here on our way back to Nabua and had a picnic!

The local nursing station.

Cooking coconut into copra! The main livelyhood in this neighborhood!

The water tank in Nabua donated by the red cross and Japan.

These are the bathrooms and showers for the school. Of the 97 students, 39 live at the school during the week.

Someone fixed the sagging pipe.

The porch of the school.

Mrs. John and class. They will do the puppet show.

A good thought.

A picture of the school in the field in front.

Joeli Kalougata (on the right) and his bro-in-law The village chief!

Some boys trying my soap on a rope. They don't usually wash with soap.

Another serious copra cooker.