Saturday, June 29, 2013

Babtism at the ocean and pictures from Taveuni.

Babtism on Sat June 22 2013

Babtism in the ocean near the church.

The international dateline, we're both on a different day! (real life)

Madilyn on the dateline.

Ralph at the dateline.

A church at the 180* meridian on Taveuni Island.
On our way to Qamea island.

Sister Mcfadden and Pres Lesuma.

Ralph on the boat.

Almost to the Vuanicau village and school.

Our landing spot.

The school.


I always seem to disrupt the class!

This is the computer classroom for the whole school!

Head teacher Luke Maisulueriu

Naiviivi School Head Teacher.


Boy at the restrooms and handwash station.

Next day checking out gardens.

Lunchspot with E/S Mcfadden and Pres Lesuma and Ralph.

During lunch I found lots of shells!

The motel lost power during a serious rainstorm.

So, we moved outside to keep working.


A beautiful sunset that evening!

More of the sunset!

My substitute policeman friend,  Mikai.

The community post where they work. I have noticed that the police do not have vehicles. 

The dining room of the island owned by 2 sisters. Fancy!!